Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When the brain is prepared to learn: Enhancing human learning using real-time fMRI

Review of a Journal Article by Julie Yoo et al.

Yoo et al. discuss how the brain varies in its ability to learn depending on its environment. Neuroimaging was used to detect favorable and unfavorable conditions for the brain to learn. The images helped to depict when a learner was pre-pared to learn or not prepared to learn.

Research results indicated that memory recognition was subsequently better when favorable learning conditions were presented or "good" brain states were measured. As Yoo et al. mentioned, gaining an understanding of favorable learning conditions will help us accelerate education and training.

As instructional designers it is important to pay attention to new research that is available that can help us expand our knowledge on how others learn. By continuing to educate our self, we directly impact our learners by providing them with the best tools possible for their educational growth.

This is a topic that I find very interesting, primarily any research that discusses new and innovative ways to accelerate learning.

Retrieved at: Journal Neuroimaging, (ScienceDirect database) Pull up the article by paging through Volume 59.

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