Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cathy Moore "Let's save the world from boring elearning"

Here is her url if you would like to follow her:, she has good points and uses light humor to keep you interested. I figure she doesn't want to be a violator of her own "Mission statement: "Let's save the world from boring elearning"

Some information that I found interesting from Cathy's: "Are learners idots blog"

Learners know nothing. Our job is to insert knowledge into their brains without considering any knowledge that might already be there.
Learners can’t be trusted. They can’t be allowed to skip what they already know, and they must be told explicitly what’s right and wrong because they can’t draw conclusions from experience or stories.
These assumptions deny the adulthood of our learners. When these assumptions shape instruction, we create boring materials that sound like a patronizing parent.
Let learners place out. Start with simulations or scenarios that require learners to make the kinds of decisions they need to make in real life. If a learner proves that they can consistently make the right decisions, let them go.
Show, don’t tell. When a learner makes a poor decision, use the feedback to show them the results of their decision so they can conclude on their own that what they did was sub-optimal. Then, if necessary, show them what they need to know — or, better, put them in an easier scenario with more help and ratchet up the difficulty more slowly.

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