Sunday, February 5, 2012


Mind Map
My network has changed the way I learn in a plethora of ways. The first way it has helped me to learn is that it has helped me find additional resources for information pertinent to my learning. With the advancement of technology it is very easy to get lost in the clutter. You must be careful of what resources you choose to extract information from. Secondly, my network has helped me to organize all of the resources that are available to me. It is important to be organized in your learning so that you can be efficient and process the information in an effective manner so that you can recall the information throughout your learning. Finally, my network has helped me to share what I have learned and continue to discover what my peers have learned. It is important to share your knowledge because it helps not only develop your network but also helps others to advance theirs.

The most basic digital tool that has helped facilitate my learning is Microsoft Office, it helps me to organize, structure, plan, and execute all of the material I have obtained. All of the information that I extract from resources such as the Walden library, my peers blog's,, etc is neatly and effectively stored and shared via Microsoft Office, Liked In, Twitter, Facebook, discussion boards, and various blog's. 

I gain new knowledge in many different ways. Some traditional methods include learning via a traditional classroom settings (in person), training's hosted by my employer, and reading articles and texts books. Some none traditional methods of advancing my knowledge when I have questions is by utilizing the digital world. The digital world includes but is not limited to Liked In, Twitter, Facebook, discussion boards, blog's, online journals, and general use of the world wide web. 

My personal learning network fully supports the central tenets of connectivism by utilizing all the aspects connectivism represents. My personal learning network continues to grow daily by connecting my past, present, and future knowledge, which I believe is the definitive meaning of connectivism. The only potentially negative aspect about any individuals personal learning network (connectivism) is that it contains each individuals thoughts, how they have deciphered the information they have learned. It may not align with your personal thoughts and opinions, and in some instances it may be wrong in another individuals or groups eyes.   

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