Sunday, January 27, 2013

Post-mortem of a Project

I recently purchased my first home this past October and immediately began a project to construct a new bathroom in the basement. I wanted to add a basement bathroom so that the bedrooms downstairs could use it and it is provides one of the biggest return on investments for a house. I felt that I had enough skills to complete the project with a little help. Well it turned out I need more help than I thought. I did my research by reviewing do it yourself (DIY) manuals and speaking with professionals. My goal was to have it done in 2 months (working on it during the weekends).

Unfortunately it is January 27th, 2013 and the it is still not finished due to my lack of planning, understanding, and execution. I should of incorporated more planning into the project which would of made me aware of the mistakes I made along the way up to this point and would of eliminated the set backs I encountered.
A simple feasibility study would of outlined that I:
1: Lacked the plumbing skills and know how to run piping correctly for pressure.  
2: Did not purchase the correct materials and used the wrong materials in some instances. 
3: Didn't think to consult with a city inspector before choosing the location of the new bathroom
4: Didn't have some of the necessary equipment needed to access the old pipes under the ground. 

The biggest mistake was that I did not account for the adjustment of water pressure needed with the addition of a full bathroom. When the ground was all dug up, luckily a friend who has much more construction experience was able to help me lay the pipe in a manner that allowed for new piping to tap into existing piping. My mistake was running the piping through the frame work of the bathroom and not allowing enough venting. I also began installing the shower, sink, vanity, and toilet before installing the drywall because I wanted the bathroom functioning. That mistake tripled the amount of time it took to hang the dry wall because everything had to be cut around the fixtures that I installed. As a lesson learned, I should of done more research and preparation as well as consulting (effective communication) with industry professionals (SME's). If I would of done this I could of put together a plan to follow as well as give me a visual map along the way. Perhaps I was not comfortable with my learning environment. If the learner is comfortable with the learning environment, they are more apt to take to it (Siemens, 2012).

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