Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comparing Instructional Design Models

Human Performance Technology or HPT has been derived from the ADDIE Model. The ADDIE model is very systematic, linear, inflexible, constraining, and time consuming to implement (Kruse, 2009).

Below is a Mind Map briefly comparing ADDIE and HPT:

Because the human performance technology model is more flexible, easier to implement, and incorporates all of the designers; it is a better choice when results are desired in a short time frame. An example I can utilize from personal experience is when our implementation team installed software at one of our clients facilities. 4 of the 5 facilities were functioning without a problem. The 5th facility was comprised primarily of Hispanic employees where Spanish was their first language.

As a result, we had to re-write some of the software to include an option for Spanish and re-implement it. Utilizing the HPT model we already knew the problem areas and could quickly identify the areas that needed modification because everyone collaborated on the project. Essentially we took the route of the rapid prototyping phase and modified our existing model. The reason for the modification was because the learners did not respond to the creative metaphor and the learning functions were not user friendly (Kruse, 2009).      


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